The Book Club Play

Kansas Repertory Theatre

1530 Naismith Dr, Lawrence, KS 66045

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Books, wine, and strong opinions—what could go wrong?

Runs Jul 20th to Jul 23rd

Thu Jul 20th @ 07:30 PM
Fri Jul 21st @ 07:30 PM
Sat Jul 22nd @ 02:30 PM
Sat Jul 22nd @ 07:30 PM
Sun Jul 23rd @ 02:30 PM

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Kansas Repertory Theatre

1530 Naismith Dr
Lawrence, KS 66045

(785) 864-3381

Box Office Hours : 12 p.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays when classes are in session; one hour before all performances


Creative & Cast

Written by - Karen Zacarias

Directed by - Jane Barnette

When friends and strangers meet to discuss books, anything can happen, especially when a famous documentary filmmaker records their every move! In this quirky new comedy, book-lovers discover private and collective truths stranger than fiction.

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