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About Cellular 'Cenes:

Runs Apr 28th to Aug 25th

Fri Apr 28th @ 08:00 PM
Fri May 26th @ 08:00 PM
Fri Jun 30th @ 08:00 PM
Fri Jul 28th @ 08:00 PM
Fri Aug 25th @ 08:00 PM

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28th Apr 26th May 30th Jun 28th Jul 25th Aug Performance Duration 1 hour, 20 minutes Hours

Suitable For :

High School age or older

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Summit Theatre Group

500 SW Longview Rd
Lee's Summit, MO 64081

(816) 463-2654

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Creative & Cast

Written & Directed by - Ben Martin

What is Cellular Cenes?

Cellular ‘Cenes is a short romance told in 5 scenes. Each scene (‘cene) is set in a different street locale within a typical downtown business district. Rather than build sets and put them on a stage, the scenes are designed to take place in actual places in the city. The audience follows the action by moving from place to place and witnessing the action as it occurs on site.

The twist, and hence the title, is that the audience has no idea where the next scene is going to be until they receive a text message by cell phone telling them where to go. They walk to the new location, have a little time to visit the business there and then see the next scene. No scene lasts longer than 10 minutes and the entire production,including walking time, takes about an hour and 15 minutes to perform.

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