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A Tony-winning comedy about 1 man and 3 fiancees. BOEING-BOEING sold out for over a year in London and on Broadway

Runs Mar 28th to Apr 23rd

Tue Mar 28th @ 06:00 PM
Wed Mar 29th @ 12:00 PM
Wed Mar 29th @ 06:00 PM
Thu Mar 30th @ 06:00 PM
Fri Mar 31st @ 06:00 PM

Dates & time

Sat Apr 1st @ 06:00 PM
Sun Apr 2nd @ 12:00 PM
Sun Apr 2nd @ 06:00 PM
Tue Apr 4th @ 06:00 PM
Wed Apr 5th @ 12:00 PM
Wed Apr 5th @ 06:00 PM
Thu Apr 6th @ 06:00 PM
Fri Apr 7th @ 06:00 PM
Sat Apr 8th @ 06:00 PM
Sun Apr 9th @ 12:00 PM
Tue Apr 11th @ 06:00 PM
Wed Apr 12th @ 12:00 PM
Wed Apr 12th @ 06:00 PM
Thu Apr 13th @ 06:00 PM
Fri Apr 14th @ 06:00 PM
Sat Apr 15th @ 06:00 PM
Sun Apr 16th @ 12:00 PM
Sun Apr 16th @ 06:00 PM
Tue Apr 18th @ 06:00 PM
Wed Apr 19th @ 12:00 PM
Wed Apr 19th @ 06:00 PM
Thu Apr 20th @ 06:00 PM
Fri Apr 21st @ 06:00 PM
Sat Apr 22nd @ 12:00 PM
Sat Apr 22nd @ 06:00 PM
Sun Apr 23rd @ 12:00 PM

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7 & older

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New Theatre Restaurant

9229 Foster St
Overland Park, KS 66212

(913) 233-8126

Box Office Hours : Mon - Sat., 9a - 6p Sunday 11a - 3p

Creative & Cast

Written by - Marc Camoletti

Directed by - Dennis D. Hennessy

Actor - Debra Jo Rupp

Actor - Craig Benton

Actor - Seth Macchi

Actor - Ashton Heyl

Actor - Jessalyn Kincaid

Actor - Ashley Pankow

Debra Jo is best known for the 8 seasons she played Kitty Forman on the smash hit sitcom That 70s Show. She is also very well known for her recurring roles as Lisa Kudrow’s sister-in-law on the hit series Friends as well as Jerry Seinfeld’s booking agent on Seinfeld. Equally adept with comedy or drama, among her many other television appearances are Better With You on ABC, From Earth to the Moon on HBO, The Office, NBC, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NBC, and Elementary on CBS to name but a few.

In BOEING-BOEING, Debra Jo plays Bertha, the long-suffering housekeeper to the bachelor Bernard. With Bertha’s help, Bernard has devised a sophisticated timetable allowing him to simultaneously date three different stewardesses. With the arrival of the new double speed Super Boeing, the airline schedules change and Bernard’s carefully crafted life unexpectedly careens into a whirlwind of farcical chaos. BOEING-BOEING was a monster comedy hit on the Paris stage and on London’s West End and a Tony winner on Broadway in its recent revival. The New York Times says of BOEING-BOEING, “Fasten your seat belts for the most deliriously funny flight of your life.” 

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