The Living Room

1818 McGee St, Kansas City, MO 64108

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A troubled artist with a fractured personality fights to keep his work - and his family - intact.

Runs Oct 11th to Oct 29th

Wed Oct 11th @ 08:00 PM
Thu Oct 12th @ 08:00 PM
Fri Oct 13th @ 08:00 PM
Sat Oct 14th @ 08:00 PM
Sun Oct 15th @ 03:00 PM

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Wed Oct 11th @ 08:00 PM
Thu Oct 12th @ 08:00 PM
Fri Oct 13th @ 08:00 PM
Sat Oct 14th @ 08:00 PM
Sun Oct 15th @ 03:00 PM
Wed Oct 18th @ 08:00 PM
Thu Oct 19th @ 08:00 PM
Fri Oct 20th @ 08:00 PM
Sun Oct 22nd @ 08:00 PM
Mon Oct 23rd @ 08:00 PM
Wed Oct 25th @ 08:00 PM
Thu Oct 26th @ 08:00 PM
Fri Oct 27th @ 08:00 PM
Sat Oct 28th @ 08:00 PM
Sun Oct 29th @ 03:00 PM

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11th Oct 12th Oct 13th Oct 14th Oct 15th Oct 18th Oct 19th Oct 20th Oct 22nd Oct 23rd Oct 25th Oct 26th Oct 27th Oct 28th Oct 29th Oct Performance Duration 1:45 Hours

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Rated R - recommended for ages 17+

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The Living Room

1818 McGee St
Kansas City, MO 64108

(816) 533-5857

Box Office Hours : Email reservations, buy online, or leave a message


Creative & Cast

Written by - Tyson Schroeder

Directed by - Shawnna Journagan

"Young Bastard" - Matt Leonard

"Bastard" - Rusty Sneary

"Ella" - Vanessa Davis

"Caitlyn" - Daria LeGrand

BASTARD explores the challenges, sacrifices, and inevitable consequences of the choices made by an artist and his family. Struggles both external and existential define this impactful and fascinating semi-autobiographical new work by writer, musician, and illustrator Tyson Schroeder. This world-premiere kicks off The Living Room’s 8th theatrical season, which will be composed entirely of new works written and performed by Kansas City talents.

Directed by Living Room co-founder Shawnna Journagan, Bastard integrates creative visual art into a traditional theatrical setting resulting in a truly affecting and immersive audience experience. Young Bastard, played by Matt Leonard, fights for real estate in his own mind with alter-ego Bastard, (Rusty Sneary), while his ties to family (Vanessa Davis and Daria LeGrand) hang in the balance. It’s an untraditional story told in an unorthodox way, but intimately relatable to all who have struggled to hold onto a dream.

Running October 11 - 29, 2017

at The Living Room Theatre

1818 McGee St, Kansas City, MO 64108

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