A Christmas Carol

Kansas City Repertory Theatre

4949 Cherry St, Kansas City, MO 64110

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KCRep's Artistic Director Eric Rosen has penned a brand new adaptation of A Christmas Carol that takes the story back to Dickens' original text, but still includes all the music and dancing you've to love.

Runs Nov 17th to Dec 24th

Fri Nov 17th @ 08:00 PM
Sat Nov 18th @ 08:00 PM
Sun Nov 19th @ 07:00 PM
Wed Nov 22nd @ 07:00 PM
Fri Nov 24th @ 02:00 PM

Dates & time

Fri Nov 17th @ 08:00 PM
Sat Nov 18th @ 08:00 PM
Sun Nov 19th @ 07:00 PM
Wed Nov 22nd @ 07:00 PM
Fri Nov 24th @ 02:00 PM
Fri Nov 24th @ 08:00 PM
Sat Nov 25th @ 02:00 PM
Sat Nov 25th @ 08:00 PM
Sun Nov 26th @ 01:00 PM
Sun Nov 26th @ 05:00 PM
Wed Nov 29th @ 07:00 PM
Thu Nov 30th @ 07:00 PM
Fri Dec 1st @ 08:00 PM
Sat Dec 2nd @ 02:00 PM
Sat Dec 2nd @ 08:00 PM
Sun Dec 3rd @ 01:00 PM
Sun Dec 3rd @ 05:00 PM
Wed Dec 6th @ 07:00 PM
Thu Dec 7th @ 07:00 PM
Fri Dec 8th @ 08:00 PM
Sat Dec 9th @ 02:00 PM
Sat Dec 9th @ 08:00 PM
Sun Dec 10th @ 01:00 PM
Sun Dec 10th @ 05:00 PM
Wed Dec 13th @ 07:00 PM
Thu Dec 14th @ 07:00 PM
Fri Dec 15th @ 08:00 PM
Sat Dec 16th @ 02:00 PM
Sat Dec 16th @ 08:00 PM
Sun Dec 17th @ 01:00 PM
Sun Dec 17th @ 05:00 PM
Tue Dec 19th @ 07:00 PM
Wed Dec 20th @ 07:00 PM
Thu Dec 21st @ 07:00 PM
Fri Dec 22nd @ 08:00 PM
Sat Dec 23rd @ 02:00 PM
Sat Dec 23rd @ 08:00 PM
Sun Dec 24th @ 01:00 PM
Sun Dec 24th @ 05:00 PM

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Kansas City Repertory Theatre

4949 Cherry St
Kansas City, MO 64110

(816) 235-5697

Box Office Hours : Non-Performance Days: Monday – Thursday 10 AM – 5 PM, Friday 10 AM – 1 PM, Saturday & Sunday CLOSED | Performance Days: Monday 10 AM – 5 PM Tuesday-Thursday 10 AM – 7 PM Friday 10 AM – 8 PM Saturday & Sunday 12PM – Start of Final Performance of th


Kansas City’s favorite holiday tradition is back for its 37th season, with an all-NEW adaptation by KCRep Artistic Director, Eric Rosen! A ripping good telling of the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge, the curmudgeonly businessman who requires the intervention of a few spectral guides to understand the true meaning of Christmas and life. Complete with lively musical numbers, ornate costumes, and dashing stagecraft, Dickens’ classic tale of hope and redemption continues to remind us what’s really worth celebrating – at the holidays, or any time! A Kansas City Holiday Tradition!

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