A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Coterie Theatre

2450 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108

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The Coterie presents the classic tale of Charlie Brown trying to restore holiday spirit to discover the true meaning of the season.

Runs Dec 12th to Dec 31st

Tue Dec 12th @ 10:00 AM
Wed Dec 13th @ 10:00 AM
Wed Dec 13th @ 12:00 PM
Thu Dec 14th @ 10:00 AM
Thu Dec 14th @ 12:00 PM

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Tue Dec 12th @ 10:00 AM
Wed Dec 13th @ 10:00 AM
Wed Dec 13th @ 12:00 PM
Thu Dec 14th @ 10:00 AM
Thu Dec 14th @ 12:00 PM
Fri Dec 15th @ 02:00 PM
Fri Dec 15th @ 04:00 PM
Fri Dec 15th @ 07:00 PM
Sat Dec 16th @ 02:00 PM
Sat Dec 16th @ 04:00 PM
Sun Dec 17th @ 02:00 PM
Sun Dec 17th @ 04:00 PM
Tue Dec 19th @ 02:00 PM
Tue Dec 19th @ 04:00 PM
Wed Dec 20th @ 02:00 PM
Wed Dec 20th @ 04:00 PM
Thu Dec 21st @ 02:00 PM
Thu Dec 21st @ 04:00 PM
Fri Dec 22nd @ 02:00 PM
Fri Dec 22nd @ 04:00 PM
Fri Dec 22nd @ 07:00 PM
Sat Dec 23rd @ 02:00 PM
Sat Dec 23rd @ 04:00 PM
Tue Dec 26th @ 02:00 PM
Tue Dec 26th @ 04:00 PM
Wed Dec 27th @ 02:00 PM
Wed Dec 27th @ 04:00 PM
Thu Dec 28th @ 02:00 PM
Thu Dec 28th @ 04:00 PM
Fri Dec 29th @ 02:00 PM
Fri Dec 29th @ 04:00 PM
Sat Dec 30th @ 02:00 PM
Sat Dec 30th @ 04:00 PM
Sun Dec 31st @ 02:00 PM
Sun Dec 31st @ 04:00 PM

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All Ages

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The Coterie Theatre

2450 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64108

(816) 474-6552

Box Office Hours : Monday-Friday - 10am-4pm; Saturdays & Sundays on performance weekends only - 12pm to the end of the final performance of the day

Creative & Cast

Written By - Charles M. Schulz

Based on the television special by - Bill Melendez and Lee Mendelson


The animated classic will come to life on The Coterie stage - with a live jazz trio will play the original Vince Guaraldi arrangements!

Join Charlie Brown on a memorable journey as he tries to direct the school Christmas pageant. In their letters to Santa, everyone seems to be acting materialistic - so Charlie Brown tries to restore holiday spirit with a ragged little fir tree. Experience the power of this wonderful story live onstage as Charlie Brown turns to his best friend Linus to learn the season’s real meaning. Special encore: Snoopy’s Christmas eve encounter with the Red Baron!

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